Professional Development

Professional Development, Workshops and Other Resources

The mission of the Oregon Council for Economics Education is to advance the growth, service, and recognition of K-12 educators in Oregon as they develop economic and personal finance education. The Oregon Council for Economics Education conducts workshops led by educators and economists from industry, academia and public sector on contemporary economic topics and lessons on a variety of economic concepts. We also partner with other organizations to sponsor speakers in other professional development venues.

Workshops for In-Service Days

OCEE offers a variety of economic focused workshops for K-12 educators. We welcome the opportunity of putting on workshops for school districts in Oregon during in-service days, or at other mutually agreeable times. Contact us at

Past Events and Materials

Oregon Council on Social Studies Fall 2017

Financial Beginnings: 2017 Financial Literacy Conference, October 2017

Financial Beginnings: Financial Literacy Conference October 2016

Oregon Council on Social Studies Fall 2016: Equity in Time and Space

Oregon Council on Social Studies 2015

  • How to Choose a Chocolate Cookie, Ted Scheinman
  • Great Recession and the Federal Reserve, Sarah Tinkler

Oregon Council on Economics Education Fall Workshop 2015