Economics Challenge

The National Economics Challenge is a great opportunity for high school and middle school students to test their knowledge against other students of similar ability throughout Oregon.  There are divisions for AP/IB students and divisions for introductory or general economics students.  The contest is completely online and can allow the students to compete together as a team.

Teachers: To participate in the EconChallenge ONLINE! go to:, select your state and register as a teacher.
Once you have registered as a teacher, you can begin to create student teams of 3 to 4 students in either of two divisions:
  • Adam Smith: students enrolled in any two semester econ macro and micro course sequence or any course labeled as AP, IB, honors, or differentiated. If you previously participated in the David Ricardo Division, you must register for Adam Smith in this year’s competition.
  • David Ricardo: any one semester, introductory or general, combined macro and micro economics course. Teams are encouraged to compete in the division that would challenge them the most.

Economics Challenge Resources

If you have any questions please contact Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl, an Oregon Council for Economic Education board member at
Good luck to all our student competitors. The EconChallenge ONLINE! is a great way to flex your intellectual muscle and participate with students from across Oregon in an exciting and fun competition.